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"Don't wait.  The time will never be just right."
Napolean Hill

Background on founder and president of
Vision Accomplished, Inc.,
Thomas V. Savino, Esq.:

    Tom Savino founded Vision Accomplished, Inc. in the fall of 2008. Merging experience in business operations and consulting with his knowledge of law, politics and public administration, he became uniquely qualified to guide leaders on when and how to cut through red tape to focus their ideas; to develop, carry out and have their Vision Accomplished.

    Before becoming an attorney, Tom built a successful business career advancing as a college student file clerk in 1981, to a senior executive in health care administration by 1986. After serving as a management consultant with Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield and completing law school, Tom shifted his field to directly serve the public as deputy clerk in the Village of Mineola.  Westbury Village then appointed Tom as their clerk-treasurer and soon thereafter, this 75-year-old village promoted him to be their first administrator. A local government in Nassau County, NY, Westbury Village then served about 15,000 residents and 1,000 businesses with $15M in budgets.

    During his almost 10 years with Westbury Village, Tom accomplished significant goals, including: his refocuse of the government workforce to rank responsiveness to its customers as top priority; introduced a Tax Rate Stability Program that helped the Board maintain a straight line rate increase of less than 3% per year for his nine budgets; managed growth in fund balance reserves by more than 650% in his first five years; positioned the Village to receive an upgrade in its bond rating to the highest possible for its class, A-1 from Moody’s Investment; and managed the achievement of substantial capital infrastructure improvements.  During his tenure, he increased grant receipts by more than 275% per year to add $6M. Known for his ability to think "out of the box," Tom didn't just talk about ideas, he got them done.

    Most notable was Tom’s leading role with officials, the local BID and community members, to accomplish the Village’s well-recognized rebirth and downtown revitalization. The Village’s use of more than $4.5 million of grants, business district, private and capital funds ignited tremendous revival and notoriety. Tom helped to refine and implement the Village's vision by improving store fronts, eliminating blight, enhancing the street-scape and promoting a new downtown.  The Village turned a failing central business district’s 40% vacancy rate, to nearly full occupancy.

    Vision Accomplished, Inc., worked tirelessly with Lowe Properties, LLC,  owner of the well known Westbury Village Movie Theater, to help the developer, the Village and Nassau County realize the exciting development of a new dinner-theater and multi-purpose performing arts center plaza. 

    Tom also served as president of the Long Island Community Development Organization (LICDO), an Island-wide group of government, economic and community development professionals who exchange ideas and resources to benefit Long Island communities.

    After reaching many goals and transitioning the Village for the future, Tom stepped down to begin Vision Accomplished, Inc.  He hopes to share his knowledge, instincts and experiences with other municipalities, businesses and local business groups to help them focus their vision, develop and implement their plans and fulfill their goals so that they can have their Vision Accomplished

"It's amazing what you can get done when you don't care who gets the credit."
Daily motto for Accomplishment
40th U.S. President Ronald Reagan

    In addition to working with Lowe Properties, LLC (Westbury Village theater), Vision Accomplished, Inc. has also provided services for the Village of New Hyde Park, Farmingdale Village, the Town of Hempstead, Nassau County, the Town of Riverhead CDA, Dr. Print, Atlantis Marine World, Eastwood Consulting and Zucaro Construction, LLC.

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5-min musical video produced for Westbury Village to promote its downtown reviltalization.  Plays on Windows Media and others (Play & Double-Click image for Full-Screen).

We can help you create an image for your Downtown Main Street or Business that can be displayed on banners, written material or other like this award winner (Best of Long Island).  This logo was created by The Business Development Group, Inc. in 2006 for Westbury Village Revitalization Team. 

We can also assist you with your development of other marketing material, like the DVD of the musical video appearing above:


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